Try Your Luck in Domino QiuQiu Online

Domino qiuqiu is also termed as Domino QQ or 99 domino poker. It is a kind of dominoes quite popular game in Indonesia. Now a day, playing online gambling games is gaining popularity among people and Indonesia is like a hub to organize these types of online games. As we are talking about Indonesia, so QQPokerOnline is a site that offers online gambling games. Whenever you make a visit to Indonesia, you should definitely come to this place and play few rounds of Domino QQ.

A brief about the game 

The players will get 4 cards to play Domino Qiu Qiu in one round. The game will have 4 unique cards, such as-

  • There will be 4 Black Cards and every player will have them.
  • Again there will be Pure Big Cards which players will gain from 4 cards and the count of scores will be 40.
  • There will be another type of card, the Pure Small Cards that are produced from 4 cards and the scores will be less than 9.
  • The last types of domino cards are 6 God Cards. These are the cards with highest scores.

A player will only win when he makes highest scores as compare to other players. The 4 cards which every player will has will generate 2 couples of scores. The total count of couples’ scores will decide that who is the winner? In case there is a draw between 2 players then the winner will be decided based on number of dots every player has.

How to win this game? 

The first thing which is needed to start online game of Domino QQ is to register on a trusted site. You can join QQPokerOnline to step into the online gambling play world. Well, if you are a fresher to this game then it is very important that you gain some knowledge about the game. To help you out in this, here we have given you some tips that you can follow to win Domino QiuQiu.

  • Concentration- This helps you to focus on your game and get success as well.
  • Sufficient pocket- You should have sufficient amount of money to play the game. As a beginner you may fail but do not frustrate, this will gain you experience.
  • Recognize your ability- If you have the ability to end the game then go for it.
  • Do not be impatient- Patience is very important in gambling. Do not lose it even if you are losing the game consistently.
  • Understand other’s strategy- Try to understand the strategy of your opponent so that you can counter-attack next turn with better move even though gambling is about luck.
  • Learn from your faults- If you are a beginner then faults are quite common to happen but do not get upset. Learn from your blunders and try to improve your game next time.
  • Consider your mood– Consider your mood before playing online gambling. Do not play when you have feeling of anger, depression, and sadness etc., it may lead to losing of the game.